Top Shelf: Bentley Continental GT Tuned - By Vilner

Bulgarian high end tuning house, VILNER, is certainly passionate about making luxury sports cars into works of art. While many try their hands on customizing their vehicles, without experience and taste, the modifications can turn into a nightmare. This Bentley Continental GT package is a great example, exhibiting style and grace in a murdered out fashion. 

Firstly, the wide body kit does the GT justice, beefing up its stance and attitude. A handful of carbon fiber accessories are added onto the exterior, such as front lip, side mirrors, rear wing, and headlight surrounds. Larger multi-spoked wheels and low profile tires accentuate its slammed stance. Lastly, the engine was tweaked to improve its overall power to 650 hp and 576 lb-ft, clocking 202mph top speed.



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