Thank You from the AA Team!! 1,000th Post

Thank You!!

It’s been a helluva ride so far, and one that I know I’m personally very grateful for. This site’s been running since 2009. I know, it’s kinda weird to even think about. But really, we’ve been online with AA for 5 years. It initially started to push music and highlight music we liked. We had videos that we dug on here and just a ton of music from people we thought would do great things. Over time, we’ve branched out into other areas of personal interest and have landed with a pretty solid array of content that speaks to a lot of different cultures, away from just music. 

We’re deeper in staff now too, and have brought in a really creative squad of writers that have been killing it with posts about all kinds of things that speak to what we are today, which is basically more of a “lifestyle blog”. We’ve pretty much become a conduit for all things we love personally, but also for things you’ve told us you love. So we work hard to keep the quality going, but definitely know that we’ll continue to get better and expand as time goes on. And in the process, we hope to bring in even more visitors who’ll be able to peruse and see things they love on here too. 

This has been our best year, by far. And it’s been due to some great partnerships and the support of the online community, who keeps us active and on our toes. Sharing what we do, is really a pleasure and we hope that you all continue to keep dropping in and sending emails and doing whatever you can to interact with us and help us to keep on bringing you the things you like to read up on and discuss. We thank you all for your support and look forward to providing more of what keeps you here with us for the next 1,000 posts. 



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