Art Life: Porceplane v.01 by Florian Flatau

One of best things about being in school as a kid was passing notes in class. Paper was everything back then. If you weren’t trying your hardest to get word to your crush, or maybe just spreading news to a friend, you may have been helping someone else get a note or letter to someone all the way across the room. Some of the braver souls would even go as far as making paper planes to get their notes across the room. Just skip the middleman. Risky, yes. But if they were successful in getting their newly-made aircraft to its destination, they were seen as the coolest ever. We will always salute those cool kids, but have another kind of paper plane in mind for you today. 

The latest designer collectible by toy fabricator K.Olin and multidisciplinary artist Florian Flatau has arrived in the form of the Porceplane v.01. Sized similarly to a standard sheet of folded A4 paper, the Porceplane features a glossy top surface, contrasted by a matte finish along the bottom. Numbers denoting the limited size run have been added to the bottom of each item, while 30 editions will be available worldwide. The Porceplane is crafted in Limoges, France and comes encapsulated in a hand-made wooden box. Availability is currently being offered for a price of $340 from Art and Toys.

Purposefully Fresh..


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