Tech & Toys: Sony PlayStation 4 - Gold x Silver Limited Editions

Not that anyone should be planning on staying inside much, with summer right around the corner. But gaming is still a very popular hobby and having the best system at home is still very much a must if you want to have the best experience possible, while also showing off for your buddies every now and then. Anything “limited edition” increases its want-factor, so when Sony announced that they would be releasing new limited edition models of the PS4, we were pretty excited. 

Before you pick your color preference, you should know that Sony has made the decision for you. North America is only getting the gold version, but on the bright side, the console will feature a 1TB hard drive. Europe will get to choose between gold or silver, but either console will pack just the 500GB hard drive. Not sure why they shorted us here on the silver, but gold is still an awesome option. 

Both colors have been released with matching DualShock 4 controllers. The gold and silver PS4s will be available in Europe starting June 15th. The gold variant is available stateside, now through June 17th for $249. So don’t waste any time on picking one up for yourself. 

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