Fly Season: Moncler's Puffer Jackets for Dogs

We fought it long and hard, but lost. Fall is here, and those nice summer nights are a thing of the past for now. This is the time of year, where we start rearranging our wardrobes and getting those sweaters and jackets out. One thing about fall that’s pretty cool (with no pun intended there), is the fashion. We all simplify for summer, but when autumn comes back around, we get to pull a lot of our fly stuff out of the closet. 

But what about those of us who have pets? Most notably, dogs. Don’t they deserve to look fresh on their walks too? Doggie gear has always been cute and fun for all to experiment with and sport. But Moncler has really stepped it up this year, with some pretty nice threads for our little furry friends, with new puffer jackets for dogs. 

According to the company, the mini collection is designed to “allow our four-legged friends to follow us on the snow or to the harshest climates, staying warm and protected without limiting their movement in any way.”

The jackets come in two sleeveless dog-appropriate styles, a knitted jacquard sweater and Moncler’s classic nylon laqué puffer, both designed for small and medium-sized dogs.

The jackets range from $370 to $450 and are available at Moncler stores and online. If you can, pick up one of these for your little pal, and see how much he/she loves looking fresh out there during those chillier days and nights. 

Purposefully Fresh


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