Kicks Flow: ASICS' 'G.I. Joe'- Themed GEL-Lyte 3 Pack

80’s babies rejoice! If you’re old enough to remember how awesome Saturday morning cartoons were, or the ones we rushed home after school to see, you remember how pivotal cartoons and comic-books were for us as kids. And you know, we’re all about themed-kicks on AA. So when a cool pair drops, we just have to shine a little light on them. Especially when they’re based on one of our favorites from back in the day, via one of our beloved sneaker brands. 

Foot Locker and Hasbro have teamed up for a limited-edition GEL-Lyte 3 collaboration that takes inspiration from the iconic G.I. Joe characters Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes. If you know anything about these two characters, you know they’re probably the most coveted out of all of the figures, if you ever collected the toys. The prices they go for on eBay now are certainly proof of that. 

In G.I. Joe, Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes are brothers in arms turned mortal enemies. Each character gets its own GEL-Lyte 3 sneaker, one predominantly black and the other predominantly white. Subtle detailing throughout hints to the characters’ personalities and the Storm Shadow vs Snake Eyes story arc.

The black Snake Eyes model features a leather upper with reflective detailing and a crystal rubber outsole. The white Storm Shadow version also features a crystal rubber outsole and a leather upper. On the bottom of both colorways is an iced outsole revealing Zartan, a character who plays a key part in the Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow story.

Footlocker has stocked a nice amount of these online (exclusively), and they’re going for around $120. So don’t delay on picking up a pair soon.


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