The Cool: Muhammad Ali

I don't care what anybody says, Muhammad Ali is easily the coolest cat alive.

We're all up on his career in boxing, but there was so much more to the man, that really made him the legend that he is today. In a time where Black people were pretty much crucified and persecuted for seeking equality or freedom of speech, Ali was one of the few that never let the system or those who controlled it, to silence his thoughts or opinion. He lived the way he wished to, and made alliances with those he felt would have his best interests at heart, regardless of the judgment or criticism he would eventually receive.

Boxing was an outlet, a talent, but his true gift was in humanitarian work and activism. Using his celebrity, Ali went on to challenge not only the media, and religion establishment, but also the US government, with his views on the bigotry he saw in everyday life, that needed to be eradicated. This is what made the man "cool", and why we will never forget what he's done for not only the sport of Boxing, but also for Black awareness and this country of ours.

For more detailed info, photos, video, etc, go peep: http://www.ali.com/


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