Put On: Black Milk

We all need a hot beat to listen to every now and then. Or if you're like me, you need hot production, like you're life depends on it.

Comin' straight outta Detriot, is the good homie, Black Milk. Now I've been rockin' with BM's music for a couple of years now. The first project that really started to get heavy ro' with me, was his joint project with Aftermath's Bishop Lamont, called Caltriot. The CD was hot, and featured everybody from Stat Quo to Busta Rhymes. Black Milk also rhymes, but his production has really put the midwest back on the map, after the untimely passing of the late-great Jay Dilla.

A lot of people say dude is a mix between Dilla and Dr. Dre. It's really one of those things you have to hear for yourself. But he's put in mad work over the last year alone, between droppin' his latest album, Tronic, and also albums with Fat Ray, and producin' for cats like Guilty Simpson and Royce Da 5'9. This guy is the truth, and we just wanted to throw the spotlight on the homie, because he really deserves the shine, as he continues to drop more hot music every time we turn around. What up, Black'?

Check out Caltroit, and keep supportin' Black Milk, by picking up his other releases too:



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