Throwback Classic: The Low End Theory

We talk music all day, but when you talk about "the perfect album", you have to mention A Tribe Called Quest's 2nd album, The Low End Theory.

The first time I heard this album, was over at a friend's house (what up, Craig?), way back in the young'un years. I don't know what it was about this album, but it instantly became the soundtrack to my little kid years, lol. Whether I was cuttin' school or just runnin' through the hood doin' young cat dumb sh*t, THIS album was in my walkman. And I think because of that, this has gone on to become my favorite Hip Hop album, of all-time.

I miss the effortless sound that ATCQ had on their albums, especially this one. Tip was always so laid back with how he did his thing, it was almost like he wasn't rhyming, but just havin' a convo with you. And that's what makes dude so dope, even today. I also liked the fact that this was the album that really took Phife outta the background, and showcased that The Dog was nice with his too. I don't think we'll ever see chemistry between two MC's, like we did with 'Quest. You throw in ridiculous production, and you have yourself the perfect Hip Hop album, folkers!

There's classic track after classic track on this album, "Scenario", "Check The Rhime", "The Jazz", and those were just the singles. I honestly listen to this album from front to back, no skips! Remember when you could do that? And I still play this joint like it dropped last week. Now that's some real Hip Hop right there. Get this album in your life.



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