Architecture: New Canaan Residence by Specht Harpman


Over the course of maybe the past year or so, Connecticut has become one of my favorite states. The city of great ol' New York will always be my first love, but there’s nothing wrong with spreading that love out to other places. We hardly see any CT properties for Architecture to post, but have been blessed with a real gem here. So we definitely had to share this jewel with the good people that visit AA. 

Situated in Connecticut, Massachusetts, the New Canaan Residence was built in 2010 by Specht Harpman architects. Nestled old-growth trees, the designers constructed direct but unassuming paths into the dramatic glass entryway which blends seamlessly into the woodland surroundings. The architects designed the house to welcome its owners and visitors into what feels like a floating pavilion in a canopy of trees, which incidentally looks a lot like Cameron’s Dad’s house in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. 
The swimming pool and outside area emphasize the clean lines and modernity of the design, as does the interior of the building which includes a bathroom that backs onto the bar. So you can eye up your next drink whilst you shower. Shouts to Elizabeth Felicella for the incredible pics.

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