Put On: Get On Down Limited-Edition Ghostface Killah ‘12 Reasons to Die’ Packages

For the seasoned veteran Wu-fans or Ghost stans, you know how epic this is about to be. For many of us, Supreme Clientele was Ghost at his very best! That album had Tony Starks on a level that most rappers still haven’t touched today. So whenever Ghost drops some new music, you better believe that all ears will be on him. Now, add RZA to that mix and you’re talking about certified classic material expectations. We wouldn’t expect anything less from that duo.
In collaboration with RZA’s Soul Temple Music, Get On Down has announced presales for two exclusive packages – the “12 Delucas Private Press Version” and the “12 Delucas Version” – both which offer unique and immersive Ghostface Killah 12 Reasons To Die experiences. The package includes vivid screen-printed artwork on both LP jackets, unique visuals adorning the box which holds the package elements, as well as the truly unique “Private Press” wood-block print. Please visit www.GetOnDown.com for more information, and to purchase.

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