Architecture: 1201 Laurel Way Beverly Hills by Michael Palumbo

Mad Moola..

This section of the site’s been growing crazily, and we’ve had some incredible properties posted for it. But this one, without undermining the great ones from the past, might be the most serious so far. I don’t like playing favorites, but some things are just undeniably great, and I think this property might fall right into that category. Let us know if you agree.

High up in the treetops on a self-contained Beverly Hills plot is the 6-bedroom, 10-bathroom 1201 Laurel Way residence. Phenomenal, cinematic views over the entire area of Downtown Los Angeles, Catalina and the coastline of California are provided in one unobstructed, sweeping view. Its positioning inspired Michael Palumbo and his architects to make sure the most was made of the views, with a house that is largely incased by glass, with floor-to-ceiling windows.

The interior has an open-plan design which creates a flow from room to room, as well as from inside to outside, which hosts a large terrace and, naturally, an infinity pool. Craziness at its finest! Indulge, cool people.



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