Art Life: Banksy “Better Out Than In” Day 20 – Hammer Boy

Graf heads know how dope it’s been to see that Banksy has decided to bless NYC with his artwork. It’s just been popping up in random spots throughout the city, and people who’ve been fans of his work across the pond, might get lucky enough to walk by some of his newer stuff, stateside. With news that the police are looking for him and all in tow, he’s kind of become something of a folk hero for art fans and followers alike.

With that said, we’re entering the last phase of the “Better Out Than In” New York City outdoor exhibition of UK artist Banksy. On Day 20 the artist presents his new “Hammer Boy” stencil piece on the Upper West Side. Spotted on 79th and Broadway, the artwork makes a comment on yet another social matter in its own unique Banksy kind of way. We salute him and hope that people have come to appreciate the effort and message behind the work itself.


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