Architecture: PL2 House by Seijo Peon Architects


My recent stint in Key West definitely inspired this post. I was going for a certain vibe with this one. If you’re into the beach or just an island feel, I hope this one works for you. We share all kinds of properties, and this one surely caters to that private getaway aesthetic. 

The irregular geometry of the site of PL2 House has resulted in an unconventional one-floor lakeside house, located in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. When the Seijo Peon architecture firm were posed with this request, they saw it as a challenge to create a particularly unorthodox home for a young single businessman that certainly wasn’t lacking in personality. 

The home was created to be adaptable for a number of social events, at the client’s request, which results in the living room, dining room, and kitchen conceived as one large space integrated with the bedroom – although it can be separated – and terraces. The main view from the house is of southwest orientation, so a wall has been erected to provide protection from the sun which surrounds the opulent terrace and swimming pool.



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