Top Shelf: $1 Million USD "The Beverly Hills" Edition Extreme Mountain Bike in 24K Gold

Whether you have a spare $1 million in your bank, or are looking for the ultimate luxury bicycle, this 24k gold fat bike might be what you have been craving. The House of Solid Gold worked closely with Dan Bull, modern pioneer of fat bikes and founder of Iditabike, to create this bespoke bicycle. 

The Beverly Hills Edition is as lavish as it gets on a pushbike, coating every part in pure 24k gold. It took over 750 hours to complete the whole process, and only 13 bikes will be crafted for keen buyers. Apart from the shiny gold parts, this bike is adorned by THSG emblem featuring 600 black diamonds and 500 golden sapphires, totaling 6.0 carats for the black diamond and 4.5 carats in gold sapphires. 

To finish off, brown alligator material was selected to wrap the saddle, and chocolate brown stingray material wrapping the water bottle. Lastly, a majority of proceeds from the sale of this bike will be donated to the global non-profit organization, The Way to Happiness.

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