Classic Music: Ice Cube - Amerikkka's Most Wanted

Nothin' like it!!

I wasn't old enough to cop this when it first dropped, but I did have Death Certificate in my collection, when it came out. Even though I might've been a lil' too young to really grasp the weight of what was bein' said, I loved that album! I loved it so much when I was a kid, that I just started buyin' everything that Cube dropped from that point on. I knew I had to go back and get Amerikkka's Most Wanted, and I lost my mind with this album, when I did. If there was ever a "perfect" Hip Hop album made, this would easily be one of my choices for it.

Production from the Bomb Squad, Cube in his prime, and the subject matter was enough to inspire or just motivate any cat rockin' with this album. Real talk, I still play this album like it just dropped yesterday. This is the epitome of classic, and what we should be pushin' for today, with the music we're currently makin'. If you don't own this album, you've already played yourself. But you can fix that, by goin' out and coppin' this classic now. That's what's up! Respect to Cube, Sir Jinx, Dub-C, the Shocklees and the entire LM family.


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