Dopeness: MPC 2000 XL Flash USB Drive

What up, folkers?

I remember gettin' my first MPC 2000 and just sittin' at it damn near 15 hours the first night, try'na bang out beats. It really is my favorite drum machine/sampler of all-time. I would later upgrade to the 2000 XL, and the rest is history in the makin', lol.

So when I saw that lil' MPC and SP 1200 flash USB drives were bein' made, I was wild hype about it. This is probably the coolest thing I've seen in awhile. I doesn't get any more Hip Hop or cooler than this. So if you're a production enthusiast like I am, then you should really go out and cop both versions of this drive. Not only are these kinds of flash drives necessary, but to have one that's modeled after such a classic machine, makes the pruchase all that more hot!!


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