Fly Season: Adidas' Jeremy Scott (3 Tongues)

What up, folkers??

We were on a small hiatus, but now we're back in full swing. We got all kinds of new freshness to throw your way, so let's start with this week's hottest pair o' kicks!!

Not too long ago, we were one of the first blogs (really..) to debut the JS Wings from Adidas. Well, after only a few months we have yet another ridiculously hot pair of SJ-designed kicks from Adidas for you fellow sneaker fiends.

He’s done it again! Leave it to the crazy design work of Jeremy Scott to outdo the infamous "Wings Attitude" design of last season. The standout silhouette of the new collection is the hyper-hyped triple tongue high-top, giving this bumble-bee banger three times the sting! You can try and cop your slice of trifle this August for a mere €220!

Wow, now that's a helluva comeback. Get yours, people!!


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