Fly Season: Nike NFW Marty McFly

"Roads...where we're goin, we don't need roads!"

Yes, folkers!! We're back to the future again, with the new "Marty McFly" editions from Nike. If you're familiar with the films, then you know what's up with these, and you know that you MUST own them!!

I was a huge fan of the movies, so it's only natural that I make a few calls, so I can get my hands on a pair of these. I will update you all with how my search went. But until then, we salute Nike for reppin' these and hookin' up all the BTTF fans with this dopeness!!

The shoe comes in a grey base, speckled midsole, light blue highlights and pink accents. Instead of the standard flywire technology, the mid-section is constructed from a flexible satin material.

Glow in the dark is implemented on the sole, while the swoosh is a white patent leather.

Yeah, that's right!! 1..

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