Dopeness: Project X Designs Custom Double Red Rolex Submariner

We don't stop..

Y'all know I'm watch crazy, and this piece wasn't goin' to be spared either. Although a good portion of customs go awry, these latest two from timepiece customizers Project X Designs are nothing short of impressive. Working with Rolex’s classic Submariner, Project X created two custom “Double Red” watches, the PXD SS2 and PXD SS3, each offering its own set of high end features. Specs for the SS2 include: a DLC coating on a brand new ref 16610LV Rolex, black lume dot, crown removal, double red text, spring loaded fixed bars, and an enamel, engraved caseback.

The SS3 features maxi dial customization, satin case finish, a black lume pearl dot, cyclops removal, double red text, spring loaded fixed bars, individually numbered case backs, and a G10 NATO. Like the SS2, this watch is based on a BNIB ref 16610LV Rolex Submariner. Both are offered in a limited run of 24 units per. Further information is available here.

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