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Oh how we wished we were in Paris right now. Sure, there are the celebrities, fashionistas, leggy models and other objects of beauty to look at the ongoing Paris Fashion Week. But our interest is on what’s happening across town, at the Mondial De L’Automobile, or 2010 Paris Auto Show. All primed and timed, auto shows in general are as rigid as the pressed suit car company execs donned on for these events, except the occasional surprises, like the Sesto Elemento Concept fromLamborghini.
Brush up your Italian and you will note that its name said it all, Sesto Elemento or Sixth Element refered to the carbon fiber used on the car, and this car is flooded with the stuff. Its powerplant, a 5.7-liter V-10 monstrosity pumps out 570hp and 398 lb-ft torque, more than enough to propel this matte black bullet of 2200-lbs for 0 to 62 mph in 2.5 seconds! Now, before all you Shieks out there begin to trade-in your oil fields or dumping your stocks Gordon Gekko style, consider for a moment. One, the Sesto Elemento is a concept car and most likely will not see the light of day except the artificial lighting of car show. Two, the car isn’t driver and/or passenger friendly. It seems like the engineers at Lamborghini forgot the words “curve” or “round” because there are no rounded edges on this car. Everything is in 90-degree angle, sharp, even the paddle shifters. Getting into and out would certainly mean a few trips to the emergency room. So Sesto Elemento Concept from Lamborghini… great to look at, like the model beside it, but don’t touch or there will be a world of hurt! via: Autoblog

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