Classic Music: Antlife's Top 25 Hip Hop Albums of All-Time #25 (Naughty by Nature "Poverty's Paradise") (1995)

It was tough choosin’ where to put this album on the list, ‘cause there were so many classics to name. But Naughty is one of those legendary groups that never really gets the respect or props that they deserve, in my opinion. A lot of people thought they only did anthem-type music, but they had some of the best street music back in the 90’s. Poverty’s Paradise is so slept on, it’s ridiculous! When I got this album, I pretty much played nothin’ else for a minute. The production was crazy, and the songs were extremely hardcore. I still listen to “Connections”, “Hang Out & Hustle”, “Craziest”, “Clap Yo Hands”, “Slang Bang”, “Sunshine” & “Klickow, Klickow”, like it was still ’95. I’m not really big on albums havin’ tons of guests on them, and even though this album had a lot of cats I never heard of rhymin’ on the tracks, I STILL dug this album crazily.

This album was just good Hip Hop, and my favorite album from Naughty. I never got that solo album from Treach that I always wanted, but this album really stands the test of time, as far as dope albums from the mid-90’s are concerned. You can’t listen to this album and not wanna work on your flow better, ‘cause Treach is gonna make you feel kinda wack, after you try recitin’ the verses on this joint.

Cop this classic, if you don’t own it!!



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