Classic Music: Antlife's Top 25 Hip Hop Albums of All-Time #24 (O.C. "Word...Life") (1994)

It’s no surprise to people that know me, that I would have some D.I.T.C. work on this list. I remember hearin’ O.C. for the first time on Organized Konfusion’s “Fudge Pudge” and lovin’ that track! When word got around that he was workin’ on an album, I definitely wanted to hear what he had to offer solo. Needless to say, he ended up droppin’ one of the best albums of 1994, in my opinion. Legendary college radio stations like WKCR and WNYU used to play a lot of the album before it even dropped, so I actually owned most of Word...Life, before gettin’ my hands on the actual CD. And even with that said, this album was a must-cop back then, and even now.

The production on this album was untouchable. Handled mostly by Buckwild, with a couple looks by Lord Finesse, the beats on this album were RIDICULOUS!! O.C.’s lyrics are always on point, and he told some pretty serious stories on this album, and even had some straight spittin’ work on here, as well. It was really just one of those incredibly slept-on, but perfectly sequenced and put together albums. I still play this album like it dropped yesterday, and think it’s definitely a classic, and one that every Hip Hop fan should own. You can easily listen to this album from start to finish with no skips, so I won’t even list my favorite tracks, I dig ALL of ‘em!

Just cop this if you don’t have it.



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