Top Shelf: Rolls-Royce Ghost – Bespoke Personalization

Though the color has a certain exactness to the iconic Pink Cadillac, its silvery sparkles, pearlescent coating, and Spirit of Ecstasy made it quite obvious that this is a Rolls-Royce instead. Not just any Rolls however, but one that gone through the company’s bespoke personalization program. In fact, according to its latest estimation, around 56% of Ghost and Ghost Extended Wheelbase, Rolls-Royce’s smallest and newest model, were personalized in some ways. 
Clients asked for everything and anything, from custom paint colors, like the pink-grey combination and matte black colorways seen here, to matching picnic cabinets, champagne sets, and more. Demands are such that Rolls is planning to expand its manufacturing facility in Goodwood, England, just to accommodate all the bespoke orders. Indeed, the rich do live differently.
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