Dopeness: Nike X158 Retail Concept [Shanghai, China]

Retail experiences are everything! Especially when you’re working with a retail giant, like Nike. That’s why they’ve gone through great lengths with their “Ignite Shanghai” initiative which is working in an effort yo “redress” that experience with a new look and feel altogether for us, within their flagship stores. And all of this is being carried out with their new Nike X158 Retail Concept. Very similar to what was used for their older push with the Nike TPE 6453 campaign in Taipei City, this new Nike X158 concept is located on the very populated and busy Xinle Lu throughway, and pretty close to Nike China headquarters.

This neighborhood is now famous for its huge European mansions, tree-lined avenues and cathedrals. It was once known as the French Concession, which functioned pretty much like a French colony from within the city of Shanghai back then. This town is a great display of juxtaposition of varying cultures of old and new, East and West, with tradition and creativity being the life blood of the community. Which really speaks to how integral the Nike X158 campaign is to the “Ignite Shanghai” initiative. 

With the Nike Free Flyknit-inspired “NATURE AMPLIFIED: THE ART+SCIENCE OF FIT + FREEDOM” art exhibition currently on display, the Nike X158 is open to the public now all seven days of the week.


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