Architecture: G-Star RAW Amsterdam Headquarters by OMA

It’s not often that our Architecture label ventures off into areas away from homes and such, so I’m happy to be able to bring something a little different to the table with this post. Peace to Awesome and Swag for letting me take the helm with this one to show some love to a brand that’s done some pretty cool things with the design of their European headquarters. 

Designed by OMA, G-Star RAW’s Amsterdam Headquarters brings the company’s previously separate facilities into a single space that draws its references from an airport hangar. The north-facing positioning of the building has been carefully calculated, the light that comes from this direction is best for viewing the deep-dyed textiles employed in the denim label’s clothing. 

The prefabricated and industrial materials used in the building’s construction include black concrete, recycled aluminum and cement floor panels. Head on over to designboom for more information.


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