Architecture: Glebe House by Nobbs Radford Architects


We spend a lot of time going through tons and tons of homes, just to find one that would be deemed cool enough to post for the day. And with there being so many different types of homes, it just makes the process that much longer, but still a crazily fun one. I like so many different looks, but one that never gets stale to me, is the simplicity of a modern aesthetic that speaks to basic design. It’s almost like it becomes your personal canvas, which you can then personalize in any way you choose. Today’s property is pretty damn cool, and I think you all will agree.

Located in Sydney, Australia, Nobbs Radford Architects recently concluded work on the refined and elegant Glebe House. Designed and constructed for longevity, the narrow openings with deep reveals to the rear western facade reduce direct sunlight in the summer months. The outer concrete elements contrast with the interior’s timber elements which further define the various internal zones and functions within the house. 

The depth of the rear facade creates a space in itself to be occupied and provides a sense of enclosure. Within the house the void acts as a centralizing space, where other areas of the house interconnect. Complementing materials of near raw 15-meter continuous length floor boards and a palette of black aluminum, stainless steel and oak appear throughout.




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