Kicks Flow: Nike Air Max 1 PRM “Picnic”

Good Moola..

I’ve honesty never been a fan of themed-kicks. We’ve all seen them. Sneakers that have been released, but then return as some corny theme. It’s usually based on color, but then they’ve tried superhero-themed kicks. There have been shoes designed with galaxy themes, cartoon characters, you name it. Never liked them. I love creativity though, and it’s not so much themes that I haven’t liked, as much as how forced they always seemed to be. But sometimes, and it’s pretty rare, brands get it right. And when they do, everything about them just screams dopeness.

With spring time comes picnic time and Nike has decided to dedicate a special version of its Nike Air Max 1 to the outdoor discipline. While the upper is a subtle hint at the picnic basket, the real red/white check in-sole perfectly replicates the iconic picnic blanket and the Nike logo on the in-sole hints at the paper plates used at almost every picnic. While the inspiration is clear, the overall design of the sneaker remains timeless and easy to wear. You can pick up the new limited edition Nike Air Max 1 PRM “Picnic” now from Sneakerpolitics.

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