Kicks Flow: asphaltgold x KangaROOS - KATZ&MOUSE Collaboration

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German shoe retailer asphaltgold and sportswear brand KangaROOS are back with the second half of their KATZ&MOUSE collaboration.
The first half, KATZ, was a slick black and jade green sneaker that paid homage to the asphaltgold cat logo. Now the brands have released the first glimpse of the MOUSE sneaker, one that sports an entirely new silhouette.

The MOUSE is a hybrid that fuses the Omnicoil-Upper to the soles of two sneakers from KangaROOS’ previous models: the Future and the Ultimate. The result is a model they have named the Omnirun. It also features a perforated nubuck, an individual serial number on the side panel, and a set of both round and flat laces.

The initial run of the MOUSE sneaker will only come in 100 units, and will go on sale May 7th in the asphaltgold store. Shop the store’s current models online.


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