Kicks Flow: Nike Air Tech Challenge IV

The cool thing about sneaker-heads, is their ability to take any kind of sneaker and make it into a fashion statement. If a shoe has been constructed for a specific sport, it doesn’t matter. We’ll make it cool and fresh to style in, whether we intend to play a sport or not. One of the shoes that’s always been classic, is what we called “The Agassi’s” back in the day. Nike’s Air Tech Challenge. When these first came out back then, they immediately became a summertime staple. If you had them, you were cool. And you’d still be cool, if you can manage to pick up a pair today.

Fans of Andre Agassi's signature Nike Air Tech Challenge have something to look forward to this summer: namely, the return of the Air Tech Challenge IV in its original form. That means shoe's leather and nubuck construction, vivid coloring and mid-stop silhouette are all present. Re-live a time when mullets and acid-washed shorts upended the cloistered world of professional tennis, and expect the Nike Air Tech Challenge IV to hit stores in July.


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