Fly Season: Filson - Limited Edition "Smokey Bear" Collection

You may need to have a little age on you to really get the full grasp of this post. But we assume you’ve either been there to experience the old school commercials, or have done the research, and know what’s up. Either way, Smokey Bear was a fixture during the time when all of our favorite after-school cartoons came on. You couldn’t go a commercial break, it seemed, without seeing him pop up. So it’s good to see the great icon back around and on some cool product.

Celebrating its partnership with the U.S. Forest Service, Filson is launching a special line of limited edition products inspired by Smokey Bear, the beloved outdoor-safety icon famous for the slogan, "Only you can prevent forest fires." The standout piece from the collection is the Smokey Bear Watch, limited to just 1,000 pieces and based on Filson's Mackinaw Field watch, featuring Smokey's likeness on the dial atop his signature slogan. 

The watch is accompanied by various collectible accessories, including a certificate of authenticity, a book that tells the story of Smokey Bear and the Filson relationship with the outdoors, a bandana printed with Smokey and outdoor safety tips, and six postcards of reimagined Smokey posters. As for the collection at large, there's also a T-shirt, water bottle and cap, as well as a Smokey Bear blanket made with 100-percent virgin wool by Pendleton. Shop the goods now at filson.com.



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