Top Shelf: Porsche 911 - Custom Carbon Fiber

The time of year when everyone starts being a little more flossy has come. So not only will the sneakers start making appearances, but as we all know, so will the cars. We try not to bore you with the same everyday vehicles you’ll see in your neighborhood, so we bring in cars that tend to add a little more spark to our dreams and aspirations. How else will we strive for more?

As arguably one of the German manufacturer’s most infamous silhouettes to date, the Porsche 911 has been taken to a new level courtesy of Russian tuning house TopCar. Having gone a step beyond, TopCar has swapped out the car’s original body for an ultra-lightweight, full carbon fiber alternative. 

The updated Porsche 911 is not only lighter, but much quicker as a result of having all unnecessary components substituted. Marketed as TopCar’s second generation Stinger GTR, the automobile not only flaunts an impressive 650HP engine, it comes equipped with a matching Capristo exhaust and forged alloy rims. The project’s fully refitted interior has also contributed to its enhanced overall performance.


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