Kicks Flow: Adidas Originals x Jeremy Scott - JS Wings Spring/Summer 2010

Never will it stop!!

Three tongues on shoes? Wings for your feet? Subtle is definitely not Jeremy Scott’s strong suite, and his latest Spring/Summer 2010 collection with adidas Originals pervades just exactly what everyone loves about his line — colorful, energetic and infinitely outrageous. In a collection that seems to be the uniform from The Flintstones‘ prehistoric city of Bedrock (think wild cartoonish animal prints on t-shirt dresses with big hair. Big, big hair held up with bones), the popular JS Wings that dropped this past October in silver has outdone itself in a retro future multicolored patent leather.

Keeping the original element of wings intact, the laces are redone in the same psychedelic multicolored wash. Bravery and attitude are absolutely qualities Jeremy Scott’s wearers need to possess, so for those who are fashion forward in their own right, these shoes will definitely resonate with your steps in Spring/Summer 2010.

Need we say more?


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