Some Otha Sh*t: Fashematical Zine

Pretty cool ish..

We have always been fans of the Fashematics equation series and now they are releasing the Fashematical Zine.

“To commemorate my 50th fashematics equation (I think I’m actually up to 55 or so, but who’s really counting?), with the help of IzRock Pressings, I created this zine of my favourite looks from the Spring/Summer 2010 runway shows. FASHEMATICAL is a collection of illustrations reinterpreting the stars of the catwalk as part of either a horde of zombies or an army of robots, hell-bent on taking planet Earth for themselves. Featuring clothes by Prada, Bernhard Willhelm, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, John Galliano, Chanel and more…”

The zine consists of 20 pages in black/white, comes in a signed and numbered edition of 200 and goes for 10 AUD. You can purchase it here.

Get yours..



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