Good Money: Adidas Originals X Star Wars (Official Video)


There had been teasers, there had been clips. Some were created in collaboration with local artists and creative collectives, such as the Taipei campaign video created by Taiwanese graffiti artist, Bounce. And after some awaiting, launches and formidable yet hilarious storming of the streets by Darth Vader and his Imperial minions (who ended up shopping and caressing shoes at the adidas Originals store in Singapore), the official word from adidas Originals is out. The official campaign video for the collaboration is nothing short of remarkable. It celebrates the label’s originality at a “carnival” - a remix of the “Imperial March”, with Vader and Stormtroopers greeted by Snoop Dogg, David Beckham, Calle 13, and more… Musical talents such as DJ Neil Armstrong and Daft Punk added their beats to the mash-up as well.

Joining the party are carnival goers suited up in adidas Originals x Star Wars outfits, doing the usual carnival humdrum (if the carnival was held by Darth Vader) — playing baseball with a light sabre, watching spaceships laser tag each other explosively in the sky…and so forth. The fun part though, really lies in the middle — watch out for a pensive David Beckham looking seriously at the sky, and Snoop Dogg bringing the party to the rooftop. The video is all fun and explosion with perhaps, impending assaults from Lord Vader, thus slightly confusing as to how this party will end. But, it is enjoyable, captivating and makes you want to replay the video over –and so perhaps Lord Vader has already won our hearts and loyalty over.

Was'sup now?


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