Kicks Flow: Nike Air Max 95 - Cool Grey - Neon Yellow

So classic!!

Y'all know what it is, and if you don't...you should!! We were just runnin' down a list of our Top 10 kicks of all-time the other day, and this shoe has always been a staple on my list. I remember the first time I saw somebody rockin' these, I was thirst for my own pair. Now here we are years later, and they return to us. I've copped this shoe probably more times than anything other pair o' kicks, with the small exception of a few, but this is one of those sneakers that you MUST keep in your collection. So you know I'll be coppin' again, just for the hell of it!!

Nike’s Air Max 95 in it’s original colorway of Cool Grey and Neon Yellow has been re-released at select Nike retailers in the US. Originally introduced in 1995, the Nike Air Max 95 brought a breath of fresh air to the running shoe market with it’s big visible air bubbles and bright color combination. Now considered a classic, you can pick up a fresh new pair up of these at various retailers including Bows & Arrows.

Definitely get yours..


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