Dopeness: “August Smart Lock” by Yves Béhar/fuseproject and Jason Johnson

Conceived by Yves Béhar/fuseproject and Jason Johnson, August Smart Lock is a new and revolutionary device and app that will make an old-fashioned key to your house obsolete. Providing a seamless and enhanced experience for entering one’s home, August Smart Lock works on three main principles: simpler, safer and social.
The design incorporates already existing deadbolts, so there is no need to replace existing locks. Just attach the “August Smart Lock” device to your door and download the app that acts as our virtual key, and a website log-in that let’s you stay connected with your home while on the go.
A main goal while developing the system was to try and maintain the same experience of opening doors with a regular key. Even after installing the August Smart Lock, you are still able to lock and unlock your door the old-fashioned way. Due to encrypted security, your key can not be copied by other and keeps working under all conditions: cable, DSL, even if power is down in your home. Check out the video below, it's so cool. 
Swagatha Out.


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