Kicks Flow: adidas Introduces the 3.5 oz adizero F50 Boot

Without being totally biased, adidas pretty much rules soccer (Ha). So with them dropping the impossibly light, next-generation adizero F50 boot, they unveiled at the UEFA Champions Festival as a prototype weighing just 99 grams (3.5 oz.) The first football boot to dip below 100 grams, the new F50 also outweighs its predecessor by a staggering 2.3 oz. and the current lightweight standard bearer, the adidas adizero Prime, by 1.6 oz. The secret, according to the German sportswear giant, lies in a new material consisting of a single layer of woven polyester mesh and polyurethane that allows for uppers that are feathery light, yet protective. 

The outsole, meanwhile, replaces adidas’ SPRINTFRAME with polyamide, providing a sufficiently stiff but extremely thin base. As with most of the brand’s cutting-edge designs, miCoach will also be featured in the boots, letting players track both speed and acceleration on the pitch. Don’t hold your breath, however, while the new adizero F50 is seen on Bayern Münchens player David Alaba in this video, the boots aren’t expected to drop until 2015. 



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