The Cool: Frank Sinatra

We thought it was only right to salute, one of the coolest to ever do it!

That's right, Frank Sinatra!!

I had a film class in HS, and we had to do a report on The Manchurian Candidate (1961). In just watchin' the flick, I thought dude was pretty damn cool. I was only about 14, but I thought if I could be half as cool as this guy, I'd be aight, lol. From that point on, I started doin' a lil' more homework on Sinatra, and I was pretty impressed with how much influence this guy had durin' his time.

From his classic music to his classic films, the controversial relationships he supposedly had with organized crime figures, down to his political presence...his legacy is somethin' to be admired. He's got his own postal stamp, post office named after him, and his own day (May 13th)!! You get all of that, you're definitely cool in our book. Salute!!


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