Fly Season: Nike Mr. Cartoon/Footscape X Livestrong

Thank us later!

I remember gettin' my first pair of Mister Cartoon-designed Nike's, a few years back. I was gassed, no lie, 'cause I knew the pair I had was like 1 of 300. That's a pretty cool feelin', knowin' that you won't see too many cats rockin' a pair of kicks that you just got your hands on. Well, the people over at Nike, have a couple new kicks about to drop, that you should keep your eyes on.

In keepin' with the theme of the LIVESTRONG pack, the next 'stage' of Lance Armstrong's Nike project will begin releasin' from Friday July 10th. The AM90 will release on the 10th followed closely by the Mr Cartoon Air Force 1 and Hide Out Footscapes the next day, Saturday July 11th. The insane LIVESTRONG Firefly jacket will be released Monday July 13th. Not bad..

Get yours, folkers!! 1..

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