Dopeness: David LaChapelle x Lady Gaga x Kanye West - The Fame Monster - Gaga Book


We are convinced that Lady Gaga can’t stop, won’t stop and will never stop. After releasing her album, most celebrated doyenne of electro-pop immediately takes off for a world tour, sang the to Queen recently and is going to put out the Monster Pack of her latest album, The Fame Monster. Taking her fare for dramatic persona to a new level in ways only children raised in the ever-volatile city of New York can, the lady brings in Kanye West and acclaimed fashion photographer, David LaChapelle, to create images for the Monster Pack of The Fame Monster.

David LaChapelle’s signature theatrical images washed in fantastic vivid colors bodes perfectly with Gaga’s outrageous attitude and style. Of course, the matrimony of these two also means nudity ensues, and don’t expect to see pants around either. (courtesy o' Freshness)

Now THAT'S dope!!


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