Top Shelf: Marc Newson Lunar Rock Edition of Norman Mailer's MoonFire

To the moon, Alice, BANG, ZOOM!!

Norman Mailer’s MoonFire was an instant sold-out success for the entire printrun of 1,969 copies, each signed by Apollo 11 LMP Buzz Aldrin. The last twelve copies of this historic edition, numbers 1,958 – 1,969 are now for sale in a special “Lunar Rock Edition” designed by one of the most accomplished and influential designers of our time, Marc Newson.
Packaged in an Apollo 11 LEM inspired case, made from a single piece of aluminum, each copy includes a print signed by Buzz Aldrin and a unique specimen of lunar rock – one of the rarest substances on Earth. The first copy will be on display at the TASCHEN booth at Art Basel Miami Beach, December 2–5, 2009. Runs for about $90,500 USD.
Top that!!

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