Top Shelf: Black Limited Edition – Custom Rolex Watches

Quality time..

T Magazine reports on Black Limited Edition, a series of vintage steel Rolexes turned matte black through highly specialized chemical applications. “Alejandro Alcocer, a watch fanatic and design entrepreneur who has previously delved into skateboarding, catering and handbag design, followed the legend of a black watch supposedly released by Rolex in the late 1960s for the Royal British Army soldiers stationed in South Africa.

It was thought that only 500 were made, but Rolex never confirmed their distribution and they became the holy grail of watch collecting.” So Alcocer made his own. The Sea-Dweller, Explorer, GMT Master, Submariner, GMT Master II and Explorer II are each offered in an edition of 50 and are now available at Barneys.

Get yours, folkers..


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