Classic Music: Antlife's Top 25 Hip Hop Albums of All-Time #17 (Mobb Deep "The Infamous") (1995)

Once again..

I don’t even know where to begin. This album is seriously an album that I STILL listen to like it dropped yesterday. It’s hard for me to even put at #17, because of how much it influenced me at the time, and even now. The Infamous is just one of those perfect Hip Hop albums, and I rarely like an album from start to finish. This album had no flaws, to me, and it was definitely one of those releases that changed how I listened to music. It dropped durin’ a time when dope albums seemed to be droppin’ like every week, and there were TONS in 1995, but not many on this level. The production was probably the most complete for an LP in the mid’ 90’s, it only added to the mastery, when I heard that Q-Tip was producin’ and also fine-tunin’ a majority of the beats on there. And even today, this album sounds so incredible sonically, it’s almost as if the work was ahead of it’s time. The chemistry between Havoc and Prodigy was at an all-time high here, and this was their best work, in my opinion. They couldn’t lose with this album, and the music spoke for itself.

I dug the ENTIRE album, front to back! I had favorites, but I loved every track on there. It wouldn’t make sense to even say which are my favorites, because that’ll end up being most of the album. They had just the right amount of guests on there too, like Nas, Big Noyd, Raekwon, Ghostface & Q-Tip. This is one of those situations where you should just have the album, without worryin’ about which songs are “better” than the others. The whole album is dope, and it’s an undeniable classic. I assume that if you’re readin’ this, you already know this and own The Infamous, but if you don’t, you know you need to do somethin’ about that.




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