Some Otha Sh*t: Kiwi Police do Banksy-style Recruitment Street Ads

Kinda wild..

It’s no secret that Banksy’s stencils are single-handedly tying the street art world together like The Dude’s rug did his living room in The Big Lebowski. But it’s one thing for it to be accepted by the mainstream, and something completely different to have law enforcement officials adopt wheatpasting for their own recruitment needs. Leave it to the Kiwi’s to do just that.

Auckland based agency M&C Saatchi, and artist Otis Frizzell created these stencils using actual police events that occurred in the areas where the art crossed the thin blue line. Images depicted include Constable Spence Kingi helping people escape from the rubble of the February Christchurch earthquake and Kylie Schaare’s casework in Wellington that led to the conviction of a man who had been abusing his own children.

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