Architecture: Sense Home by Kazutoshi Imanaga


Although architecture all too often engages only the eyes, the best designs manage to change the way we interact with a space through all five senses. The Sense Home by Kazutoshi Imanaga was created with this intention in mind — the concept behind the home was to appeal not only to a visual inclination, but to utilize and delight as many senses as possible. 

Aesthetically, the residence is comprised of white-based geometric shapes with black accents and a notable use of large glass panels. Alternating structure with open spaces, boundaries are often drawn between the interior/exterior only through these barriers of transparent glass, giving the entire home a feeling of airiness. Elsewhere, the design was meant to emphasize the sound of water — with numerous pools interspersed between the structures — along with the smell of greenery and feeling of gentle breezes and sunshine. Love to ArchDaily on the lookout!



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