Some Otha Sh*t: Richard Phillips Solo Exhibition @ Gagosian Gallery


Having worked with a number of starlets in the past, artist/filmmaker Richard Phillips presents his self-titled exhibition at Gagosian Gallery at their 24th St. location in New York City. Through three videos and ten large-scale paintings, Phillips examines the superstar beauty of Lindsay Lohan, Sasha Grey and Adriana Lima. Phillips used collaborative forms of image production to reorder the relationship of pop art to its subjects. 

The staging and format of his films presage the return of their subjects as paintings – resulting in lush, large-scale film works like Sasha, Lindsay II, and Lindsay III. In addition, supermodel Adriana Lima has been documented amongst many Brazilian cultural slices including Oscar Niemeyer’s Cathédral de Brasília, the patterned sidewalks of Copa Cabana, and the favelas of Rio. The solo exhibition by Richard Phillips is currently on display at Gagosian Gallery and will run through October 20.

Gagosian Gallery

555 West 24th St.

New York, NY 10001



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