Random News: We'll Be Back Soon

Cool people!!

Couple weeks later and we’re still buildin’ our team up to give you all the very best content and a dope experience on Antlife Academy. The emails have been coming in asking for an exact date. As of today, we’re lookin’ at early next week. Traffic has actually still been steady while the site’s been on freeze, so we appreciate everyone that’s just checking out the older posts, while we get our act together and prepare to relaunch.

Our goal is to take the site to a much higher level, and we’ve got some things in store that we’re confident in to do just that. As usual, please send all feedback via email, as we’re always looking for new ways to make the site cooler for the faithful followers who’ve been down since ’09, and the new ones who show love on a regular. Stay tuned; we have less than a week to go.



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