Architecture: PV House by Sérgio Sampaio Arquitetura

There is nothing like having the sun hit you right at sunrise, to wake you up nice and serenely in the morning. Picture walking to your bedroom window, and seeing an incredible pool, a huge one! And it doesn’t stop there, how about being able to look out over a beautiful landscape of the countryside? These are the kinds of things that dreams are made of, but sometimes our dreams end up being realities in other places. Let’s get into how:

PV House by Sérgio Sampaio Arquitetura lies atop a sloping hill in Itu, in the Sao Paulo municipality of Brazil. Situated along a riverbank, the house is bordered by trees and includes eco-friendly features such as rainwater and wastewater re-usage systems to lower water consumption. 

Structured over three tiers, the lower level houses service areas, the middle level has a terrace and pool for entertaining, while private bedrooms are located on the top. Sliding wooden doors control the amount of sunlight that enters the rooms, while the semi-shaded terrace and pool area provide a refuge from the heat.

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