Top Shelf: DMC Concept | DeLorean DMC-12 Reimagined

Back to the Future messed a lot of us up when we saw it. We all wanted to go back in time and change things, ha. I remember seeing it and thinking that I would love to go back and change so much of American history to help people out. But who are we kidding? The coolest part about the movie was the car. The good ol’ classic DeLorean. I wanted one so badly, and probably would love to still get one today. And that brings me back to this post..

Even as the DeLorean DMC-12 quickly met its demise a scant two years following its 1981 debut, the vehicle has lived on in the memories of car enthusiasts and designers alike. The proof lies in this creation from one such designer named Alex Graszk, who’s re-imagined the DMC-12 as a luxury coupe built for present day. His DMC.Concept represents a striking evolution of the original, rather than a simple mimicking of the real thing, but of course the signature dull-wing doors remain intact.

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